VenueMe – AI Tech For The 21st Century Event Professional

VenueMe is a new mobile application that helps professionals in the event industry find warm, relevant leads by alerting them in real-time when event organisers are searching for a venue for their meeting, conference or glitzy event in their vicinity.

Unlike other venue finding websites currently on the market, VenueMe harnesses the hottest trend in computer sciences – deep learning technology, otherwise known as artificial intelligence (AI).  The app allows venues to have a new customer ‘radar’ equipping them with real-time intelligence on customers in the market, planning an event around their location.  Armed with this knowledge, venues can confidently reach out to event organisers that are using the app and know that they are addressing a real need at the right time.

There are many venue finding services on the market, all replicating established property search software, like , Venues Seeker, Cvent Supplier Netwok and Hire Space.  However all existing competitors offer a linear search and filter experience. None crunch past user trends from similar search data, surfacing probable results for the end user.  Plus the ability to match venue suppliers to customers, pinpointing active prospects that are in the mindset of hiring / interested in a venue is a distinctive feature that VenueMe aims to introduce to the market, evolving the way venues get new business.

The AI systems in place may sound like a sci-fi Terminator-esq story line, a million miles away from the traditional methods of sourcing new business, but it is something the start-up’s founders are keen to address. Both experienced event planners in their own right, the founders are confident that their intuitive software can revolutionise the events / MICE industry.

“The event sector is ripe for disruption. For too long event planning and lead sourcing was in the hands of a select few with the right contacts,” claims Nigel Carlos.   “VenueMe allows venue sales executives or teams of conference bookers to confidently reach out to organisers and know that they are addressing a very real need at the right time.”

“We are the Uber of the events world,” asserts Jason Allan Scott who is also Director at Large of Marketing for ISES UK.  “I’ve been in the business for 15 years and I can tell you that grit, determination plus a million cold calls to party planners enabled me to sell hundreds of Premier events. My successes were recognised with numerous awards like Prestige Events Magazine’s ‘UK’s top 40 under 40’ and to be honest my job would have been 100 times easier if I had a subscription to VenueMe. There is no other game-changing software like this in the market.”

VenueMe is currently in the early stage development and even at this initial phase Event Professionals are already requesting early trials of the software.  A limited number of ‘Founder Memberships’ to the service will be rolled out in January 2016 and are expected to be highly sought-after by venues and MICE pros looking to beef up their new business pipelines.  The software will be offered to founding subscribers for £1,000 GBP for an annual subscription.

This could be the end of cold calls and hoping for the next client to ring could soon be a thing of the past.  So confident are the Founders of their innovation that once publicly available, members to the VenueMe can expect to make a return on their annual investment within the first three months of joining – or their money back.  A bold guarantee for an even bolder product.

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