Member   Benefits

Take a look below to see how our members benefit from joining ILEA UK:


Access to our events, many held monthly, including networking events where members can meet over 100 event professionals to promote themselves and their company.  Members listen and connect with our events speaker, who will draw on their experiences and impart valuable knowledge to attendees.


Our events are also a great platform for you to showcase your company to the attendees.  Membership allows you to showcase at ILEA events and promote your brand to over 5,000 ILEA UK contacts in the run up to the event.


Opportunity to achieve the internationally recognised Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation.  ILEA has helped develop the CSEP accreditation – the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry worldwide.


As we are part of a global organisation, ILEA UK gives access to an online platform enabling you to connect and do business with over 7,000 members worldwide.  The ideal place to get in contact with members worldwide for peace of mind, and to gain confidence in an unfamiliar environment or culture.

Chance for international recognition. The ILEA Esprit Awards fuel a spirit of competition within several designated categories and provide global visibility and recognition for ILEA members through general participation.


ILEA members can offer internships to students currently studying Event Management in universities around the UK.  We can submit the internship offer on your behalf and will facilitate applications and introductions to students.


Each member of ILEA has agreed to adhere to the ILEA Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics. These principles were designed to ensure the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical industry negotiations and activities at all times.

Other member benefits include:

  • Promoting your company via the ILEA UK marketing

  • Opportunity to participate on ILEA stands at
    international trade shows

  • Reduced ticket rates on all events

  • Corporate member discounts

  • The chance to feature, or guest post, on our blog

With all of these benefits and more, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and become a member of one of the leading industry associations!

For more information or any questions please contact a member of the ILEA team on

Join Us

Let's find the membership type that's right for you. 

It's just me!

Individual Membership

This is a personal membership. Your company name and information will be listed, however, the membership is not transferable to other employees within the company. Recommended for those submitting the membership payment from a personal account or for a single proprietor.

It's me and my colleagues! 

Corporate Primary Membership 

Apply for this membership type if you are maintaining the membership for your company. Any additional members from your company then become eligible for the discounted Corporate Additional membership rate.

Corporate Additional Membership

If your company already has a current Corporate Primary ILEA membership, you can add yourself to the company membership at a discounted rate. 

I work for a nonprofit! 

Nonprofit Membership

This membership is available for employees of organisations with an official nonprofit organisational status. Nonprofit applicants must provide proof of nonprofit status in order to receive the discounted dues rate. All member benefits remain the same. 

I recently graduated! 

Emerging Event Professional Membership

Recent graduates from a two or four-year accredited college or university, or those with less than five years of experience, are eligible for this discounted membership type. EEP membership is valid for three years. Applicants for the Emerging Event Professional Membership may be required to verify employment dates and/or graduation dates for eligibility purposes.

I'm a student! 

Student Membership

Student members are required to provide proof as a full or part-time student at a two or four-year College/University program with an unofficial transcript or signed Statement by Program Coordinator / Instructor. This membership type is limited to four years.

I'm ready to commit to a long-term membership! 

18-Month Membership

This option is only available in December.

Multi-Year Membership

Purchase membership for three years and save $50/year compared to an annual membership. Any new or current full member in good standing – corporate primary, corporate additional, non-profit, or individual full member – may opt for the Multi-Year Membership option when renewing or joining during the annual full year membership period. Multi-year membership dues are not refundable at any point during the 3-year period. Membership will be valid for 3 years in accordance with ILEA’s Bylaws and Policies. To purchase a multi-year membership, please contact for an invoice to complete payment by bank transfer.

Membership Dues

Annual Membership Dues renew July 2020

Individual Membership £499.00*

Corporate Primary Membership £499.00*

Corporate Additional Membership £399.00*

Nonprofit Membership £399.00*

Student Membership £50.00*

Emerging Event Professional Membership £300.00 maximum 3 years* 

*includes one-time application fee of £50.00

Membership Team

Sarah Yeats

VP Memberships

Priya Narain

Membership Committee