Maintaining Motivation (Stress Matters)

Spent the day on the sofa? Couldn’t be bothered to shower? Read on…

I am betting that you’ve had at least one day in the last three months where you just couldn’t be bothered? Sometimes, however busy we are, we just don’t have the motivation to get up and go. If we are being honest, it’s been more than one day hasn’t it?!

And that’s OK. Rest is good for us.

It might simply be tiredness. Our bodies needs to re-energise but again, let’s be honest, very few of us have found ourselves doing more energy burning activity in the last couple of months than previously. We might be doing an extra HiiT workout or yoga session but actually we’re probably getting a lot more sleep and eating a lot more banana bread than normal so it’s going to even out. And even if we had, we’ve all had those days generally and sometimes those days on the sofa are multiple days, not just the odd one.

What it’s more likely to be is mental fatigue or maybe even anxiety.

When we are feeling stressed, we can feel a sense of overwhelm and sometimes that overwhelm is so powerful that it’s easier to do nothing at all. It becomes harder to make healthy decisions, stay focused on tasks, and remain calm. It can also become difficult to regulate our emotions. And sometimes it can just be as simple as wanting to spend your entire day watching Normal People even though you’ve got loads of things you actually need to do.

Finding motivation and balance is the answer.

Self-motivation can be easy to do. First think about what it is that needs doing. Then ask yourself why you’d want to do it? We can all find reasons to not to do something very quickly but spending a little time thinking about why it would be good to do that task helps. Does it help your future career? Is it going to just be good to get it off your list? Will it make you or someone else feel good? We need to understand why we want to do the task before we’re going to have any interest in completing it.

So we know why we’d want to do it but the task still seems a bit too much to do and the sofa is still calling? Now to really add that extra bit of motivation, let’s think more about the reward. We’ve already identified the proper reward for when the task is completed (why we want to do it) but there’s nothing wrong with a little extra carrot is there? What do you enjoy doing just because? Going for a walk? Eating chocolate? Phoning a friend? Reading your book? Find yourself an extra little reward to help keep that motivation high.

Ok, now we need to break it down. What’s the first step? How would you spend the first 5 minutes of the task? How about you do the first 5 minutes and then have a break? Go for it! 5 minutes on the clock and go…

Now the chance is, once we are focused on the small task, the rest of the task will happen anyway as we’re re-mobilised and we are moving.

There’s a point before we hit stress level where we are under pressure. You know it, when the event is looming or the pitch is in 6 hours and counting and you just power through - that’s why so many #eventprofs say they love the adrenaline. The issue is when that pressure is too much or has been too consistent for too long that it moves into stress and mental fatigue. We need to find the balance so that we can keep in that high motivation phase rather than tipping over into the stressed area where we watch Friends again.

Finding that balance means looking to mix up Doing things and spending time just Being. We call it the BeDo Approach.

Reach out to the team at Stress Matters to find your motivation, find your balance or generally to talk to when you’re feeling a bit down.

The Stress Matters Support Line is there for all #eventprofs when they’re feeling a little overwhelmed. SMS, WhatsApp or Call 07481 362 111 to speak to one of our volunteers.

Check out for more information on how to improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your team.

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